May 19, 2010

i spend too much time thinking about the weather

My body is beyond tired today but I couldn’t be happier; I spent today and yesterday dodging torrential rain while op shopping and I feel I’ve done a pretty impressive job of it. I haven’t counted how many pieces I’ve got but the floor here is nowhere to be seen for a sea of bags of various sizes – plastic bags, numerous fabric eco bags, garbage bags!
I’m particularly excited about a red jacket with sequinned lapels, a pair of super high waist yellow trousers, a black sweater with bronze sequin shoulders and a knitted jumper with the biggest batwing sleeves I’ve come across to date.

Thank you all so much for your kind comments and encouragements on my baby re:new news, both here and on Facebook. I must say I’ve also been spending a bit of time flicking through the baby rails in the op shops looking for cute mini retro clothes. And mumma re:new informs me that she has kept many dresses from my own miniature days – 80s baby frills! Just think of the 21st birthday photos this little girl will have!!!


Took these photos BR (before rain) a couple of days ago – the skirt is currently my best friend for its super comfy stretch fabric. And this blazer has been in my wardrobe for a while now, getting by on just a few wears per season. For whatever reason it always seems to get overlooked. Sorry jacket.

Jacket – Alive Girl
t-shirt – Witchery
Skirt – Supre
Shoes - JC


  1. Can't wait to see the new collection, sounds like it's going to be awesome! Baby re:new sounds so cute, it makes me wish I had a baby sister to dress her up. Love the outfit :) xx

  2. god i love those shoes.
    You look amazing in these photos, i really love them. (are you sure these arn't BB-before baby- as well as BR-before rain-? your tiny! )

    love em

    p.s- got some ideas for glebe - i'll email you first thing in the morning!

  3. Jess - new collection will be a warm one, stay tuned.

    Emma - trust me, there's a mini person kicking away in there! :)

  4. I love this look. Somehow, the simplest ones are always best!

    Congratulations on the Baby Bump!!

    <3 The Girl in the Black Beret xx

  5. Love this look. The jacket really adds an element of glamour. I was also going to say that you look really well put together considering you had been dodging rain all day, but then I noticed that these were "br" pics. Still fantastic.

  6. This outfit is just perfect, love it. x


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