May 9, 2010

blue concrete

I’m not sure why this outfit works for me, it’s a little mismatched really and was pretty haphazardly put together this morning, but generally I find that’s the best way. If I think about it too much I end up getting changed about 6 times before getting annoyed with myself and going back to my original choice.


I’m wearing this little badge to do my bit on the Australian promotional trail for Round London, which is the creative baby of my very talented friend Cecilia - ‘Round London aims to create change in the wasteful fashion industry by being part of a movement of forward thinking designers, consumers, movers, shakers and decision makers that realise the importance of recycling.’

The majority of her designs are one-offs, including custom-made pieces, all using recycled garments and textiles. So, because we all know how hard it can be to keep a labour of love going and growing, visit her on Facebook and have a little look at her designs (personally I’m loving the no. 2 preview).


Jacket – vintage
Dress – vintage
Boots – Target


  1. i am absolutely loving this outfit and pictures! I've been meaning to wear my denim jacket but yours is so much cooler and i want a dark denim one now =( haha
    cool bagdes too
    I'll check out her page


  2. It's hard finding a good denim jacket I think. They're always in the op shops but never quite right.

  3. woah, i have the exact same blue wall just outside my house! you weren't by any chance on the central coast were you?

    and i agree with emma. the blue denim works so well!

  4. love the outfit and the badges! wish i had a denim jacket to liven up my wardrobe though :) xx

  5. No, haha. This is down the backstreet behind my house in Sydney. Classic example of fine 80s architecture, I imagine it features in many carparks/fences/walls around Australia!

  6. I love that jeans-jacket!


  7. Hi,
    I wanted to invite you to visit my collages fashion blog:
    Thank you :)


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