Apr 7, 2010

i couldn't think of a good title today

Honestly I don’t know how those of you that blog everyday do it. I mean, for one, I quite often wear the same thing 2 days in a row, which does not make for a very interesting blog. And most of the time I’m wearing boring comfy clothes! So my hat is off to those of you who have the dedication for everyday photos and posting. You know who you are.

Beside that, the weather is confusing my brain at the moment; is it 26 (weatherman) or is it actually going to be overcast and rain all day?

This super cute jacket came to me via friend donation (hi Elissa!). Preppy velvet, I really want to keep it but, in reality, it’s a tad too small under the arms and the sleeves are a bit short so it’ll be leaving me via either eBay or Glebe markets when I get back from NZ.

Speaking of NZ, mental packing has begun; I’ve been thoughtfully informed that ‘it’s getting colder now so bring warmies’. This, for me, just means things to layer, tights and boots – pretty much my standard winter wardrobe. And while I would usually consider myself somewhat of a pro packer having travelled quite a bit over the years, I am struggling this time around. I blame it on the confusing weather. It inevitably means I’ll end up over packing. Good thing I’ll have a big strong boy with me to carry my suitcase!! hehe

Blazer – vintage
Blouse - thrifted


  1. Wow, I love that coat! Your blog is gorgeous :)

  2. Aww thank you Amy Antlers (cutest name ever!).

  3. Ebay it please so I can buy it - I LOVE it! Take a VERY warm jacket to NZ, I went in Feb and still needed mine at night even then x

  4. Oh really, thanks for the tip, I was starting to think I was being over-the-top with all my warm options!


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