Apr 3, 2010

first it was sunny, then it rained, then there was sunshine again

Typically it started raining just as we started taking these but Neil made me persevere, and stand in the rain while sheltering the camera with the umbrella! But you know what; all was A-OK because I had Yum Cha in my belly. So easily I am pleased!

Gif’s are my new favourite trick so here’s another one... of me being an idiot!

6 more days til we leave for NZ. If you’re placing bids on items ending this week please bear in mind that you’ll need to make payment on or before the 8th to ensure your items are sent off before I leave. Please!

Dress – vintage
Belt – vintage
Cardigan – Seduce
Boots – Target


  1. last one looks like fun ;)
    love it!

  2. oh love the skipping one! These photos are fun!

    I'll try email you tomorrow about coffee (have soo much ebay to do!)
    Just got back from camping, so im very very tired and think i have a broken rib or two haha



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