Mar 28, 2010

who invited you wind?

What started out rather early but with organisation and yummy Easter eggs, ended with one rail collapsing in the wind, one rail being blown across the footpath, melted chocolate eggs and then said collapsing rail collapsing again with a snap, never to be used again! Grrr!
But we won’t concentrate on the unfortunate, instead I’m happy to have conversed with some weird and wonderful people (the beauty of Newtown, you just never know who’s going to be thrown into the mix) including (in the wonderful file) Emma from spindizzyfall (who is much smaller in person and the cutest thing in the world) and Emma from Owl and the Grapes (who is possibly the sweetest person I’ve ever met).

Top – vintage
Sunglasses – Glebe Markets


  1. did it pay off??

    Yes, i'm short =) but luckily i have long legs that can be deceiving.

    Would you be interested in selling at glebe? It attracts a good crowd. Be nice to set up next to a friendly face =)


  2. ha, you read my mind. I was just talking about this with Neil last night. I'll drop you an email later.

  3. oh please do glebe, i would acutally come down to visit as my college is just up the road :)

  4. It's looking good for Glebe, we're just having a little trouble coordinating a weekend! Who knew we were such busy little bees!


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