Feb 21, 2010

and we watched the sunset while the city lights awakened

I found this dress for the bargain price of $20 a few weeks ago. Starting life as an 80s evening dress it was given a revamp via the re:new sewing machine and it makes me feel a million bucks every time I wear it!

We got plenty of attention taking these photos on the street, lots of passing traffic driven by rubbernecks! So if I look a little uncomfortable, that’s why!

Dress – vintage
Shoes – Senso Diffusion
Bracelets – Tiffany & Co., Sportsgirl


  1. Heh, I never take my photos outdoors. Always safety of my own home/yard. I honestly don't have a clue how those big bloggers do it - I mean, how does one just go walking down a road in the middle of the day?? I'd feel very, very self conscious!

    Love the dress! And the legs ;)

  2. Those shoes are AMAZING!!! I ♥ them!!! The dress is pretty too and you're pretty too... And yeah. Love it!!!

  3. You did an amazing job at altering that dress! You look absolutely beautiful in it!


  4. I know what you mean. I will change this asap. Since I already know how everybody else is looking ;)

    The shoes are stunning! Seriously, if I would see you on the street I would have to look too =)

  5. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I tried to buy a present from the U.S. for my friend (it was a dress). Altough it was declared as a present they looked up for the price of the dress and I had to pay taxes for it. Really bad thing =( So there is no way to declare clothes from you as presents. Grrr.

  6. Oh really? Well, there goes that idea!!!

  7. I received my voucher - WOW! Thank you lots and lots :):):) xxx

  8. You did, good. I was wondering.

  9. Gorgeous outfit! Great blog too :)

    Sophie x


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