Jan 4, 2010


Squeezed in a quick little shop today before I leave the Gold Coast tomorrow on a road trip back home to Sydney with mumma re:new. And I’m glad I did because I found these ace loafers! Plus a few other bits and bobs, all to be listed in the shop in the very near future. 
Unfortunately the shoes are a size too small for me, but someone out there is gunna love ‘em!

So soon I’ll be back in the big smoke and back into my little office/studio/space all of my own… which also means photos will be back to normal; the wardrobe behind me in the current listings is the only white wall in the house here!

Leather shoes – vintage, Lipstick
Men’s shirt – thrifted
White T – Kmart
Shorts – Cassette Society


  1. I love your shoes. And that chair looks mighty comfortable.

  2. Love these photos, and your outfit. x

  3. Thanks ladies - I was mighty chuffed with the way these photos turned out! hehe

    Keep an eye on shop.renew as I think I'm going to list the shoes on there rather than eBay.


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