Jan 20, 2010

i’m a little ashamed to admit...

...that I am still partaking in various forms of procrastination, 3 weeks into the year, and with Neil off work this week and next it doesn’t look set to change for a while longer.

That said, I’m not being completely lazy - I do have some great pieces to list tomorrow night and am currently in the middle of hemming a load of dresses that’ll knock your socks off.  Look out for them, they’ll be listed soon…ish?!

Dress - vintage


  1. brooke i second that. with the weather so nice & australia day coming up, it looks like we'll be in full swing come febuary.

    wonderful picture :)
    it really captures the feel of the day.

  2. heyy im glad you liked it, you can find the blazer at net-a-porter.
    thanx for your comment



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