Dec 21, 2009

wait... what... where are we?

12 long hours, 2 people, one little car and some rain; sounds like the perfect way to spend a Sunday, no?
Neil and I made the epic road trip from Sydney to the Gold Coast yesterday. Here is a photo from every hour along the way.

7am - home

8am - Sydney CBD

9am - Hunter Valley

10am - Cardiff

11am - 'The Rock' (ridiculous idea for a road stop)

12pm - Wang Wauk

1pm - Wauchope - sleeping!

2pm - Kempsey

3pm - somewhere before Coffs Harbour

4pm - Coffs Harbour

5pm - Tyndale

6pm - Broadwater
7pm - Byron Bay

8pm - Gold Coast

8.30pm - dinner

Dress – Pinko
Flip flops – Havianas
Sunglass – Portmans


  1. this is a cute idea =)
    you should have stopped at byron! i love byron bay!

  2. I think we're going to go back Wednesday for the day; by the time we got to Byron we'd been going for 11 hours, I wasn't wasting anymore time getting to my bed!!!

  3. woah, I was just about to post a very similar post with a photo every hour from my Tuesday! great minds must think alike :)

    I've only ever made it as far as byron.


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