Apr 4, 2011


Salt City Candles are amazing. That’s right, I’m putting it out there. Yes, a candle can be amazing – I’ve been burning them for years (not continuously, that would be silly, and a fire hazard) and they are still the most amazing candles I’ve ever had the pleasure of smelling. You’ll agree, trust me – each variety, of which there are many, has a fragrance that you can actually appreciate and they burn for, well, ages.


So where’s this all leading I hear you ask? Well, I’ve got two 26oz. candles to give away to you, the people, valued at almost $50 each and packing a whopping 140 hours of scentsational (sorry) burning time... each!

Candle #1 is Mountain VineyardAs the morning sun peeks through the rolling hills, rays of light spill into the majestic mountain vineyard still glistening with dew.’

Candle #2 is Cinnamon Coconut‘Sinking into serenity, you feel the firm fingers of a morning massage melting your muscles as the rich oil permeates the room with sweet and earthy tones of coconut, cinnamon, vanilla and clove.’


Following the blog with Google Connect = one entry.
Being a friend on Facebook = two entries.
Suggest re:new’s Facebook page to your friends = well, it’s up to you how, each suggestion is one more entry!
Once you’ve done that, leave a comment below telling me which candle you want (and how many suggestions you made), then stay tuned, I’ll be drawing the winner April 21st.

Yep, you want one of these in your life.



  1. OMG, I love candles!! I'm already following your blog and friends on facebook. So please enter me! I would love either candle, but the Cinnamon coconut would be my fist pick ♥♥♥

    Ang xxx

  2. you're so close to 1000 Likes on the book of faces!! im a follower of course and a new Likee! either candle would be just fine with me :)

  3. You blog is so gorgeous! loving these snaps and thank you for the advice...I have been looking out for a good remote without a cable to save my ankles xxx

  4. If it's any help it doesn't have to be a Canon one, mine isnt, works fine and was about half the price!

    Heart-shaped Happiness - so close, eep! I keep checking back to see if we're there yet! *lol

    And thanks Angela, first comment, nice and quick off the mark. hehe

  5. i love your style! you are so naturale and simply but stylish at the same time!

    i want the Candle No1 i hope to win!
    good luck!
    follow you on GFC AND FACEBOOK

    Facebook name:Beatrice Vita
    email: bibi.vita@gmail.com


  6. I Just love these candles and either one is good for me, love your posts

  7. Aww thanks Beatrice, what a lovely comment to leave me. :)

  8. i'm a fan on fb!
    #2 please

  9. Hi Brooke.
    I don't want to win the candles but I suggested you to my facebook followers anyway.
    Bobby x

  10. Hi Brooke, I love reading your blog and I am a friend on fb. I like the photos you put up of you in vintage clothes. You have great style and the clothes always look so good on you. Candle no# 2 is my fave :)


  11. Thanks Bobby, you're the best. :)

    And thanks Alexandra, you're in for number 2.

  12. Yaaaay another candle-lover! Nothing beats a candle flickering away, with the lights dimmed. These candles sound DIVINE! The mountain vineyard sounds very "me".
    PS: You look stunning in these photos hun xx

  13. I'm only a Salt City Candle lover, I'm only interested if they smell good burning and these babies certainly do that! hehe

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  15. I'm following with google friends! That dress is gorgeous love the red color and the pattern.

    I'm having a GIVEAWAY as well it's a $100 dollar Shopbop giftcard! Come check it out and enter too :) It's open to international bloggers as well.

    Collections Giveaway

  16. Hi! wow I would LOVE candle #2 so much... cinnamon coconut sounds so incredibly amazing!

    I'm sorry I couldn't work out how to follow via GFC (I can't seem to find the usual link on the sidebar) but I have followed via Bloglovin' and Facebook! Would also be more than happy to follow on GFC if I could figure out how, sorry again!

    As a sidenote, I absolutely ADORE your blog, it is so fantastic!

  17. Ah sorry I missed the link at the top! I've now followed on GFC too :)

  18. haha Yep, you just need to click the 'Follow' at the very top of the page. :)
    Good luck peeps!

  19. Hi, first time stop by yr blog!! I love yr Blog. Have followed you, do you mind follow my blog as well?


  20. i love it!
    ... following via bloglovin and GFC, shared on FB and liked on FB...

  21. Thanks ladies, only a couple more days left til we draw! :)

  22. I'm a google "follower" and facebook friend, recommended your site to 5 friends. Would lurrvvveee the Mountain Vineyard :)X

  23. Ooh, Mountain Vineyard sounds lovely!

    I 'like' you on FB, and follow the blog using the old-fashioned method of bookmarks rather than new-fangled Google Connect!

    P.S. LOVE that red dress <3

  24. Thanks Claire, much appreciated!
    And thanks old-fashioned Lydia! hehe

  25. Hello again Brooke! I found you at fb and i 'like' your page so I am officially a follower of re:new:) I would love to have cinnamon coconut breeze in my living room when the evening comes! But I know Sweden is a little bit far for a candle;) Anyways, continue to create, its really special what you are doing!
    /Malin, Sweden

  26. Thanks Malin. The comp is open to anyone anywhere, whether you're in Sweden or not. :)
    Good luck.

  27. following on google and facebook -Abigail Breslin!! you're right i do need one of those in my life :) would love Mountain Vineyard. crossing my fingers! amazing blog. xo


  28. Thanks Abigail, done! :)

  29. im on facebook and suggested to a friend and following the blog with google..also i got a cardigan from your garden market stall at dear pluto last time and love it, barely taken it off ! glad i found you online :)

  30. Mountain vineyard would be great

  31. On facebook, recommended to a friend (on facebook through firstly eBay), and I am following on google! Well, through my mail site, I think that's the same thing?


  32. I'm also following on google too, anyway! Without even realising.....

    PS I really, really like that dress! .....available for sale ? (:

  33. Laura! Hi! I remember you! So glad you and the cardigan are getting along well.
    I'll be there again this Sunday. ;)

    Maddie the dress isn't for sale I'm afraid. I couldn't bear to part with it. :)


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